What you should consider when choosing your wedding photographer

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So, I was asked recently what couples should consider when choosing their wedding photographer. I've put together what I believe is THE definitive guide to finding YOUR perfect wedding photographer.

If you've got a minute, have a read and take on board some advice from someone who has been on both sides of the camera.


Love your photographer!

Make sure you have a connection with your photographer, and they are the professional you know you can trust. Assuming you are hiring a professional and not Uncle Bob, your photographer is someone you will get to know in the run up to your wedding day, and along with your new husband or wife, they will be the person you spend your ENTIRE day with. They are the ones who will be looking after you and your cherished memories after the day is done. You need someone who knows how to do their job - sound fair enough?


A worthy investment

Ensure the photographer is as invested in your day as you are and the products they supply are of high quality. As much as this is your wedding day this is their reputation, and a photographer should care about your day as much as you. Your wedding album is a very precious publication, documenting every key stage of your beautiful wedding day. If you value your wedding memories, make sure your photographer offers a professional, high quality service and products.


Trend follower or trend setter?

Be mindful of photography trends. Photography trends are not only subjective, they are very much that; trends. And trends, especially extreme ones, will soon be out of favour. Keep this in mind when looking at a photographers style - will their style still be as appealing in 10 years? (Spot colour anyone?)


It's YOUR day

Don't be too quick to follow the recommendation of a friend. You may be thinking of asking friends or relatives for recommendations because that's the way it's done, right? Word of mouth recommendations are important, but a wedding photographer is a personal choice. Just because your friend connected with a certain photographer don't be too quick to book the same. Explore, research and get in touch with at least a few different photographers first so you know you are choosing based on what and who is right for you. It's YOUR day.


One day, one chance

Last but by no means least, book the best photographer you can afford. Yes, I know I am biased, but your photographs are the only thing left from your wedding day. Again, if you value your day and the effort you've put into it, invest as much as possible in your wedding photography. 


Now, of course I base this advice on the values I have as a professional wedding photographer. I believe wedding deserves the most amazing images possible.

If you think so too, I'd love to hear from you.



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