Why you should only book full day wedding photography

May 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
I know this is a topic that divides many, both clients and professionals alike, and just the title of this blog post will have caused some to wonder if I've lost my marbles. But hear me out...

You should not book anything less than full day photography, and I'm saying this no matter who you have or intend to have as your wedding photographer.
Why? Here's why.

Times have changed...

I'm dealing with an entirely new generation, one that is tech savvy, knows how to get the most out of a product and service, and are very much accustomed to things being 'unlimited' - minutes, texts, data, download allowance, food and drink. Gone are the days when you could cap something and people just accept it.
The generation who are now my clients are used to freedom, they want it all, they want...

Why would wedding photography be any different?

Why I offer nothing less than full day wedding photography

It is called a wedding day, but lets face it, there's more than just a day involved here.
At the very least there are months of preparation, possibly two or three years of excitement depending on how far in advance you book your venue, and for some an entire lifetime of dreaming of your perfect day. There's the night before where you're too excited to sleep, the early morning wake-up, the hair styling (that you've trialled at least twice because you found another you loved on Pintrest!) the make-up application, the putting on of the dress - THE dress! - that you had fitted to perfection, and as all eyes fall upon it and  you IN it no Instagram filter will do this moment justice.

And that's just the before-the-wedding stuff!

The ceremony itself is always covered...

Along with the family formals...

But what then? Does the day end?

No chance.

How many songs did you listen to on Spotify before you chose the perfect first dance song? For how long during that song did you want the entire dance floor to yourselves because every lyric up until then fitted the moment perfectly?

A parent dance isn't for everyone, but for those who do want it, when will you ever get that again?

When will you get any of this ever again?

So to conclude...

As I said at the beginning of this post, I know there will be people who are divided on this, cost usually being the biggest factor. But few things last beyond a wedding day, so when looking at how you spend the money you've budgeted choose wisely.
I may be biased as I fall into the current generation that is getting married, but all the clients I meet with appreciate that I only take one booking per day for a wedding, regardless of what time you get married - that day is devoted to you.
And those who didn't have full day photography say they wish they had done so. They wish they could have had more of the beautiful photographs their photographer took.
This is why you should have full-day wedding photography, no matter who you book.
I offer this as standard because I too am investing in your day. I would hate to take money off someone to only give them a fraction of this momentus occasion photographed.

Your photographs are one of the most cherished wedding-related items you could ever possess.


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