Newport Wedding Photography - Parc Golf Club

August 11, 2015  •  4 Comments
Fate is a funny old thing. They say everything happens for a reason, but when Hayley and Gavin found themselves in a position where, due to external factors, they had to not only choose another date to get married but another venue as well, I doubt this saying was of much consolation to them.

However, despite the weather being rubbish for weeks prior to this new date, the sun couldn't have shone brighter if it had tried, and their new venue, Parc Golf Club, lived up to its reputation of being a superb location to get married. 

Hayley was extremely calm when we arrived, and her eldest daughter could barely contain her excitement at her mummy getting married!
Rhianne Holvey had already got to work on their flawless makeup, and it was soon time for the dresses to be put on.
Hayley's father arrived and his face, along with his granddaughters, were a picture when they saw the bride in her dress for the first time.

At the venue, Gavin and his best man were greeting guests as they arrived. He too seemed surprisingly relaxed! He remained so until he saw his beautiful daughters walk down the aisle ahead of his wife-to-be, which, upon seeing them, brought a proud tear to his eye.

The day as a whole was extremely relaxed, fun, and full of many recitals of the chorus from R.E.M - What's the frequency Kenneth? which I'm reliably informed is because of the Groom's father's name being Ken!

The evening gave way to karaoke and our Evening Studio for all to enjoy!!


Lovely Pictures... Highly recommended
Janet Edwards(non-registered)
absolutely gorgeous photos of a beautiful wedding day
Stephen Howell(non-registered)
Fine photos , very elegant
Helen smith(non-registered)
Aww what beautiful photos Hayley and her girls look absolutely amazing xxxxxx
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